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How to Do Astral Projection - Tips to Learn Astral Projection Fast

If you want to know how to do astral projection the first thing you need to know is that it is a completely natural state of being. Although the idea of having an out of body experience will sometimes seem extraordinary or somewhat weird, astral projection has been around for thousands of years as well as practiced by countless cultures.

In order to determine how to do astral projection you must leave all your doubt and also fear to the side. It is not a practice where any skepticism or fear will allow you to project successfully.

Anyone can graspattain how to do astral projection! It is important to understand that astral projection is a natural process. Believe or not chances are that you have astrally projected in the past although were simply unaware that it happened. If you have experienced any jolting sensations as if your body suddenly jumped for a second while you were asleep as well as suddenly woke up, it is very likely you were astrally projecting. Keep this in mind.

Intentionally seeking an out of body experience by determineing how to do astral projection does not have to be difficult. The difficulty arises when you must completely silence your conscious mind from outside thoughts. If you understand how mediation as well as self hypnosis works then silencing the conscious mind as well as entering into complete relaxation is nothing new to you.

You should first begin by finding a quite time along with place. Most people will use the time before bed, although this will sometimes have its problems as quite a few attain into such a profound state of relaxation that they feel asleep.

Lay down as well as tell yourself that you are going to completely silence your body and mind. This takes sometime to perfect although the effects of mastering deep state relaxation may bring other wonderful joys toward your life.

Slowly begin to focus on your breathing, focus on the sound of your breathing and allow the solitude of this quite time to become one. If any outside thoughts pop toward your head simply return your attention to focusing on your breathing. Make this an enjoyable time as well as do not consciously force your body to relax.

Begin to tell your body to go to sleep, start with your feet, as time goes on you will feel a wonderful relaxed sensation, a tingling sensation in your feet, let this feeling spread up your legs. Let it flow up your midsection, your arms as well as up your neck.

You can start to feel a tingling sensation all across your body, you can feel as if your body is completely asleep and also you are completely weightless and also relaxed. This is perfectly natural as you are getting closer to complete relaxation. Keep focusing on your breathing along with let this wonderful sensation immerse your body completely.

Keep this going. Your mind may play tricks on you and also you may have more thoughts pop within your head, once again, brush them aside and turn your attention to your breathing.

Once you are in complete relaxation you will sometimes begin to experience preastral projection symptoms. Some of these include difficulty breathing, rapid heart rate, strong tingling sensations, strong vibrations all of over your body as if you are a beacon of energy and buzzing sounds.

If you experience any of these symptoms you astral body is close to projecting!

Astral Projection Techniques

There are several techniques for achieving Astral Projection or achieving an OBE. In the modern world, and also I almost hate to say it - "There's an APP for that". On the iPhone or iPod Touch there's a very powerful App called Astral Dreams that uses special fequencies to aid you achieve astral projection, OBEs, Lucid Dreams and also help with sleeplessness and insomnia.

It will sometimes take years off of getting toward these states using a special sound technology called TBSW. TBSW are the modern replacement for Binaural Beats.

However, if you don't have an iPhone or iPod Touch, here are a few tips from James Whitken.

A number of different techniques for astral projection could be found along with often used to help persons interested to to astral project. People are different as night and also day from each other and what will work for some won't work for others.

Many people have problems with all the methods however. Not because they do not work though because the person is unable to sufficiently relax.

One thing you need to bear in mind right from the very beginning, is that total relaxation is essential, irrespective of which technique you choose to use. Unfortunately, because there are still several misconceptions regarding astral projection, several newcomers experience a certain degree of fear along with this in itself prevents them from being able to relax.

This fear is because of beliefs that are false that people could be harmed or die due to the astral projection. In an attempt to aid wipe out these fears a research study was conducted by the Canterbury Institute, which happens to be known in the field of occult studies.

Two thousand people were included in this study, all of the two thousand participated in the studies of the seven techniques of astral projection.. The findings of the institute confirmed that not one person, using the seven techniques of astral projection, were harmed in anyway. Even more important, the people in this study have also been followed during the past three years and not one person has complained of any problems.

When you have put your fears to rest, it is important to look at a few of the most basic astral projection techniques that have been around for a while. One that quite a few people have a fair amount of success with is this next method which has seven main steps to acquire you started.

  • The first step is getting your body and mind to be 100 percent relaxed. Many relaxation techniques will sometimes be utilized to reach this stage successfully. Using the deep breathing method is so simple just inhale deeply along with exhale deeply. Another one is to relax every muscle in your body by first tensing them up then secondly release them, begin with the toes on your feet along with work toward the head.
  • Enter into the hynagogic state. This is simply the where your mind along with body are bordering going to sleep. You don't want to go to sleep. You will sometimes use the gazing method to do this. Focus on an object as you lay in bed, along with keep staring at it until your eyes close along with you are still able to see the object.
  • Once you see the object with your eyes closed you are going to need to deepen the state you are in. The best way to do this is to look around (keeping your eyes closed) as well as see what you will sometimes see. It is possible that you can see different light patterns, you can notice that the room is cloaked in a purple light. Don't pay to much attention to it, once you stop seeing the light you will know that you have entered a deeper state. You are so completely relaxed at this point that you will no longer be aware of your physical body.
  • In this next step you will need to enter toward what is known as, "the state of vibration". Interestingly enough, most people who practice astral projection claim to feel the vibrations at an early stage of the projection. In fact, most of these people believe that these vibrations occur just as your astral body begins to separate from your physical body. Once again, this is perfectly normal so there is no reason to be alarmed when it happens.
  • Now control the vibration while in this state. Focus, make the vibrations move through your body. This is done with your mind. You want to feel the vibrations through your whole body. Like waves washing over you. Practice this until you could feel the waves anytime you want them. When you can create waves on demand successfully you are ready to leave the body.
  • One of the most important factors with regards to astral projection, is having the ability to control your mind so that it's your mind that is in power. Even though you should continue to focus on the idea of leaving your body, you should only allow a foot or hand of the astral body to go. Ideally, you should attempt to stretch them towards an object which is near you, as well as when you reach that object you should push your hand or foot straight through it. Once you manage to do this successfully, allow your hand or foot to return to your physical body along with then begin to slow down the vibrations in order to end your session.
  • Finally, the step where you will leave the body. Follow all the steps from one through six. This time, you are not releasing just a foot or hand from the physical body. You are going to completely move within your astral body. A simple adjustment is needed, an adjustment to step six. You are not going to focus on one small part of your body, however you are going to focus on the entire astral body. Start by thinking how light your body feels, how weightless it is, like a tiny feather gliding in a soft breeze. At this point the astral body should be moving, out of the physical body. You have the sensation of floating or even flying.

There are different methods for you to try. One method is the Rope Technique, also the Gazing Method, and then the Anchor Technique. Spending time trying these method to find which is suited to you. There is an astral projection technique for everyone. You just need to find one that is best for you.

Remember that not everyone will sometimes astral project right away using the techniques above along with that they all require practice.

Thanks to modern sound technology, those wishing to astral project can now make use of a shortcut. There is currently a new technique being used in order to induce a meditative state of mind which is necessary for actual projection. This technique aims to synchronize the two hemispheres of the brain by means of binaural beats. Basically, binaural beats consists of sound waves being played toward each ear using different frequencies.

A totally relaxed state is needed along with listening to good recordings of astral projection techniques hypnosis will reinforce the subconscious so that knows it is okay for your astral body to leave your physical body.

Astral projection is something that will sometimes change your life, along with by using many of the techniques listed above, you will find that it will sometimes definitely change yours, too!

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Using Sound To Cure Insomnia along with Sleeplessness

With all the stress these days, because of a fast-paced world, computers, smart phones and a constant buzz, insomnia and sleeplessness run rampant.

In today's society, one of the worst causes of insomnia and sleep disorders is from television. The mainstream media news networks keep us in a constant state of fear and also stress.

One good way to avoid insomnia is to avoid watching these networks.

There is a cure for insomnia and also it comes in the form of an app. If you have an iPhone or an iPod touch, there are special apps called sleep system 2.0 and also astral dreams that use special sound waves to aid you sleep.

These apps use a modern version of binaural beats called TBSW. By simply putting headphones on your ears along with running the apps for about 30 minutes before bedtime, you can get a good nights sleep.

TBSW waves use sound to trigger certain areas of the brain using specific frequencies to aid you gain sleep.

How to Lucid Dream - Your Own Journey by George Larson

How to Lucid Dream? For most this question would seem to appeal to beginners only. I found there are different types of beginners that start off within different stages in there Lucid Dreaming journey. Let me explain. I know people who recently discovered what lucid dreaming is only to realize they have been doing it for all their dreaming life. These people typically can give you a detailed five minute rendition or blow by blow version of last nights dream. This they can do every day. Well lets just say this was not the case with me as well as I had to start right at the beginning. You'll also find that if you talk to them about techniques for practicing dream awareness, while awake in order to achieve dream awareness while in a dream, they are successful without much effort at all.

If this last sentence did not make sense let me try and also explain in another way. The first goal with lucid dreaming is to realize or to become conscious that you are dreaming and that you are not awake. So you are consciously aware of the fact that you are dreaming while you are asleep. Now to achieve this you have to practice checking or testing whether you are in a dream while you are awake. This can be done in different ways but one example is to have a set routine. For example every half an hour ask yourself "Am I dreaming", pinch yourself (and feel it) and look at the time on your watch twice a couple seconds apart.

The main idea involves conditioning yourself to test if you are dreaming, so that your subconscious mind keeps on requesting you to do this test. Eventually while you are in a dream the answers change FROM "no I am not in a dream"," ouch that hurt" along with 10:10am & 10:10am TO "yes, I am in a dream", wow that did not hurt and 10:10am & 05:28pm.

Typically in lucid dreaming, otherwise known a conscious dreaming, if you look at your watch twice a few seconds apart, the time with each view is totally different along with you do not feel being pinched along with you just somehow know you are now dreaming.

Typically people need to practice this for days along with weeks before they get it right. The naturally talented lucid dreamer mentioned above was able to tell me, the day after a conversation we had about double checking the time, that the previous evening they where "practiced" enough to remember to do this test in a dream. We had one conversation about it along with they were able to try it in a dream and succeed within hours. Their starting point in the lucid dreaming journey was not the same as mine.

The point being that ing how to lucid dream is a journey along with each individual will have a different starting point. Not to mention also a totally different paths. This is important to understand in order to know where you are on this journey to benefit you focus on the next techniques to practice for you. This journey's life cycle will sometimes involve the following phases:

  • not being aware of any dreams
  • conscious awareness practice while awake
  • successful dream recall
  • successful dream control
  • create and also experience amazing adventure and also fantasies
  • use lucid dreaming for self discovery as well as personal growth
  • out of body experiences
  • personal healing
  • spiritual awareness and also growth.
  • and much more...
Not only is it important to understand where you are in your journey though also to know where you want to be. There are quite a few end destinations and also they keep on changing as you reach a few successfully.

Note that the above list is only a rough guide as well as that each phase may involve lots of ground work and practice while awake. The trick is to first about conscious dreaming, understanding more about each phase and then deciding what you want gain from it. Then it is simple to know where you are along with what you need to do to acquire to your destination. From there you could easily find out exactly what lucid dreaming techniques and exercises you need to do. As you start your journey and become more experienced you'll soon notice that there are quite a few other benefits and usage of lucid dreaming that will sometimes to be discovered and assist you to archive your goals, basically you can tailor make a journey for you.

To really make the most of conscious dreaming one needs to find ways to work on your creative imagination. After all everything you experience along with create in your dream comes from yourself along with you need to cultivate this gift with a creative imagination. But first things first, aim to understand the big picture as discussed above, then realize where you are in it as well as then figure out the detailed effort involved to get to the next step. So when learning how to lucid dream make sure you know what your first goal is, you need to be very goal focused to be successful.

And lastly remember to enjoy the lucid dreaming experience from the beginning. In this case the cliché of the journey is more important or fun than reaching the destination is so true as with most things in live.