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by Robert Bruce Baird

Is it really possible that Don Juan can command the movement of Carlos' attention point or time reference point to another dimension that he calls the Nagual and the sorcerer's perspective? Can the adeptness of one person rise to know you better than you know yourself even at the level of the body conscious focus on the material world? Is INFINITY like the multi-dimensional soul which at many point is harmonized in ethics so much that it laughs at the stupidity of the soulful entities exploring the naive denial as well as rationalizing games our personalities playas we avoid the purpose of our soul? Could Don Juan shape-shift his alter egos as well as other dimension energy to become the reflection or mirror of the inner character of the student seeking to label something he knows so little about, in an "elaborate" construct that would be akin to a crook yet academically sound? Did he command this laughter response in another that easily?

Have you ever looked into yourself so deeply that you "didn't care to apologize" and "found the thought inadmissible"? What a life as well as so little holes in your soul you would have if only you were so wise as well as yet, what a curse as well as quite unlike 'any blessing it would be. Your knowledge of others and their intentions would make you feel so alone as well as so devastatingly unable to convey to others what games the ego does play. You might try to use intellect and also be found arrogant. You might use love and empathy along with be found invasive along with intense. You might develop the austere distance of an impeccable warrior as Carlos was taught and then no longer need. No longer need! Anything! This is the world of Carlos Castaneda which calls out for humanity to look at itself along with know how sensationally gifted our soul may be and also in the final analysis how scary it would be not to actually care for another person at some intense level of need. But if there is no need in those dimensions what is there? Love along with connectiveness as we have said; or purpose along with productive involvement in creation on a collective as well as common basis, where each separate energy is never able to feel anything more than the most of whatever they want.

In Don Juan we see the laughter and also his great power which has no application except to help the truly interested and committed student who sincerely commits to the path without knowing what is about to happen. The awe and also inspiring nature of the courage makes the word warrior seem the only appropriate word to use. No Fear! This part of the Keltic Creed that the Toltecs knew and used so well in making other people rise within their own soul to achieve great oneness along with beauty, is most important. Between the teacher and also the pupil passes less than I would hope may be, but in the final analysis I envy Carlos, as I question Don Juan.

INITIATION: - What does it take to determine from the secrets of esoteric and adept scholars? Does one have to commit to pay money along with be willing to attend endless lectures like Carlos did at UCLA under professors Meighan and Garfinkel? Perhaps it takes the willingness and intense desire he showed when he saw or felt an opportunity to learn the ways of the self-proclaimed last Toltec or a shaman of a lost culture? In some situations one has to go through so a large number of hoops and also hurdles with lots of tricks along with traps that one wonders if there really is anything more than sorcery at work. Don Juan had to trick Carlos at first because he knew there was no way Carlos would really believe the simple truths of our cosmic as well as spiritual world. Is that a rationalization? Today you will sometimes graspattain a lot of these things from books as well as seminars. In most cases you should do this as well as then determine if there is a large number of group who meets your own interests and also requirements. Because we have just dealt with it as a highly shamanistic experience and also because that is what the Druids and also alchemists really were or are, and also we recently dealt with that; we are going to quote a good explanation about shamanism that you may use as your own initiation if you so desire.

"shamanism Perhaps the oldest system of healing in the world, shamanism is prevalent in tribal cultures which, though isolated from one another, have developed beliefs along with techniques with startling similarities {Unless you believe in long time world travel or astral as well as akashic cognition.}. The shaman is an individual who enters an ecstatic altered state of consciousness, which enables him to communicate with guardian along with assisting spirits along with draw upon enormous sources of power. The primary purpose of shamanism is the healing of body as well as mind. It is also used for divination and to ensure good hunts along with prosperity for a tribe or village.

According to archaeological and ethnological evidence, shamanism has been practiced for a number of 20,000 to 30,000 years. {The recent discovery of 90,000 year old pills or herbal remedies in Neanderthal sites as well as the Mungo Man clearly moves this a long way back from a purely physical evidence point of view.}. It will sometimes be much older, perhaps as old as the human race. It is found all over the world, including very remote parts of the Americas, Siberia and also Asia, Australia, northern Europe and Africa.

Shamanic systems vary greatly, but there are basic similarities in most systems {The Judaic Tree of Life as well as The Tree of Yggdrasil are more than just basic similarities.}. The shaman must function comfortably in two realities, the ordinary reality of the everyday waking world, as well as the nonordinary reality of the shamanic state of consciousness. The nonordinary reality is attained in a trance, which varies from very tight to deep coma as well as enables the shaman to see as well as do things that are impossible in ordinary reality. Once in a trance, the shaman enters the lowerworld by slipping toward a hole or opening in the earth. In the lowerworld, he sees the cause of disease in a patient as well as knows its cure, and sees his guardian spirit as well as spirit benefiters. He will sometimes shape-shift into these spirits as well as fly through the air. He performs his cures and also may see toward the future. When his shamanic work is done, he reemerges from the lowerworld back toward ordinary reality. Shamans are also said to ascend to the sky in spirit boats or astride the spirits of sacrificed horses.

The nonordinary reality is as real to the shaman as is the ordinary reality. The things he sees are not hallucinations however are externalized. The shamanic state of consciousness is induced through drumming, rattling and also dancing or, in a large number of societies, by ingesting hallucinogens.

Shamans tend to be men {Women have more of these abilities in their natural state along with require less altered consciousness.}, though women also can become shamans; a large number of women shamans are extraordinarily powerful. In quite a few cultures, shamans are involuntarily chosen by the spirits; they realize their calling in a transformational experience, often a serious illness that brings them close to death {For example Damion Brinkley of today.} as well as is self-cured. In other cultures, persons with natural shamanic gifts are selected at a young age, trained and also initiated.

The shaman must obtain a guardian spirit, which is the source of his spiritual powers. The guardian spirit also is called a 'power animal', 'tutelary spirit', totemic animal' or 'familiar'. A common method of discovering and connecting with the guardian spirit is the solitary all-night vigil outdoors {It is often a death-defying experience to try to lie to your tribe about any ability if you cannot Do the work.}. The guardian spirit usually manifests as an animal, bird, fish or reptile although will sometimes also appear in human form. It is both beneficent along with beneficial along with brings to the shaman the, powers of an entire species {Or inanimate lifeforms with conscious wisdom like the trees as well as mountains.}. The shaman invites the guardian spirit into his body; it protects him from illness along with from unfriendly forces in the lowerworld. Guardian spirits change over the years as the shaman's needs change.

After a guardian spirit is acquired, healing along with divination may be performed. Healing techniques vary. A shaman can collect spirit helpers, which are the causes as well as cures of illness {The church believed this to the exclusion of the free will of people along with the active ingredients of physical nature. Few good shamans would do this today, if they ever did.}. Spirit aiders are represented by plants, insects, small objects, worms and also the like. When the shaman sees, in trance, the cause of an illness, he places one of these objects in the back of his mouth along with one in the front. He then begins to "suck" the illness out of the body of the patient. The energy that causes the illness is absorbed by the spirit aiders in his mouth who protect the shaman from absorbing the illness himself. The benefiter in the back of the mouth acts as a backup, in case the illness gets past the helper in front.

In other techniques, the shaman descends to the lowerworld, or the realm of the dead, to bring back the soul of a patient or to retrieve a patient's guardian spirit. Some shamans exorcise disease- causing spirits in s?ancelike procedures or by invoking or cajoling them to leave the patient.

Sleight-of-hand tricks are sometimes used, although do not necessarily negate a healing.

Western interest in shamanism has been rising since 1951, when Mircae Eliade {Another Eranos Conference attendee.} published his landmark study, Shamanism. An increasing amount of literature has been written since about shamanic systems and also the uses of hallucinogenic pills.

Some traditions of contemporary Paganism and also Witchcraft incorporate shamanic practices. Most of these concern raising energy, r, Otherworld journeys and also healing. Some Witches, such as STARHAWK, consider Witchcraft essentially a shamanistic religion because raising energy, Otherworldly contact along with healing are fundamental to it. Some Pagans say the same about various forms of contemporary Paganism. Pagan along with Wiccan shamanism fosters a closer connection to the Earth along with plays a role in the environmental along with ecological interests of several individuals. It also plays a significant role in the creation of healing therapies especially tailored to Pagan and also Wiccan spirituality.

FURTHER READING: Harner, Michael. The Way of the Shaman, New York: Bantam.1982. Harvey, Graham. Contemporary Paganism: Listening People, Speaking Earth. New York, New York University Press, 1997 Kalweit, Holger. Dreamtime & Inner Space: The World of the Shaman Boston, Shambala Publications, 1984." (7)

There are quite a few things we would have to agree seem unlikely to have the attributions credited to them by people who have done these things for millenia. That does not detract from the actual result and it will sometimes easily be said that science has made some similarly false attributions. The difference for us should be that shamans were doing something and scientists seldom actually achieved any great result.

Author of Diverse Druids, Columnist for The ES Press Magazine, Guest writer at World- Mysteries.com

Reasons Why You May Need a Shamanic Healing

Human beings are a composite of the body and the soul. Any of these components may suffer from one form of ailment or another. Whenever it occurs, ill-health leads to physical and also mental torture. There is need to curtail human suffering. There are many ways of reducing the effects of this kind of menace. The recent in emergence is medical care. There is also the Shamanic healing.

Shamanic healing soars above most forms of healthcare because it does both body and also soul healing- other forms on health deal with the physical well-being only. Healing one facet of an entity does little in providing the optimum well-being. This is why Shamanic healing has proved to be the best healthcare giver. Yet there are more reasons to go shamanic.

Life is plagued with obstacles. There are a large number of stumbling blocks between you and your goals. Maybe you want to excel in business. You put in a lot of efforts however there is no produce. There are dark forces that keep holding you down, hindering your progress. Shamanism helps in removing entities that affect your progress. It makes you free. You can then pursue your goals undeterred. You have undergone a soul healing.

People who are tormented with the sins of the past can also regain their clear conscious through Shamanic healing. You are human. You may have done something in the past that does not appease the spirit world. The spiritual entities must have been cast a spell upon you. Your soul must be troubled. Shamans help in removing entities and also in your soul healing. The shamans are endowed with the gift of communicating with the spiritual world. They will sometimes present your troubles to God for absolution.

Some human beings are evil. They hate to see others progress. These people consult evil spirits to enable them proclaim doom to their fellow men. You may have been a victim of such malevolence. You have suffered from hands of these evil people. Shamanic healing will set you free from the bondage. It will give you protection against any kind of evil. It will act in removing entities that are aimed to pull you down. Shamanism will give you a soul healing.

Sometimes people lose sight of themselves. You just don't know who are anymore. You don't have a personality. You are literally lifeless. Shamanic healing redefines your existence. It gives meaning to your life. It gives you hope, something to believe in. It gives you a soul healing. It saves you the anguish of living a meaningless life. It gives you a religion to cling on. Moreover, it elucidates your future along with gives you direction.

Shamanism gives you soul healing like you cannot find anywhere else.

Some human beings are evil. They hate to see others progress. These people consult evil spirits to enable them proclaim doom to their fellow men. You may have been a victim of such malevolence. You have suffered from hands of these evil people. Shamanic healing will set you free from the bondage. It will give you protection against any kind of evil. It will act in removing entities that are aimed to pull you down. Shamanism will give you a soul healing.

Drumming for the Shamanic Journey

What is Shamanism?

Shamanism is the oldest way in which humanity has sought connection with Creation. The origins of shamanism go back at least 40,000 - 50,000 years to Stone age times. All of us have evolved from shamanic cultures, it is our roots wherever we live.

A shaman knows that all things are alive and also 'walks with one foot in the everyday world and also one foot in the spirit world'. Contemporary shamanism is the application of these ancient timeless ways to life here and also now.

Shamanism is not a belief system. It is a path to knowledge which is gained through experience of life, through rituals, ceremonies, prayers and also meditation, trials and tests. Knowledge is something that works, that stands up to the test of time, that is known from the inside.

Cosmology of the shaman Shamans divide non-ordinary reality within three other regions, the upper, lower and also the middle worlds. Each has its own characteristics as well as whilst each individual traveller experiences initially their own version, once one becomes a proficient journeyer, it is amazing just how connected we all are at these levels.

The Lower world is the place of instinctual knowing where our animal-like powers reside and where we will sometimes find practical earthly help and guidance.

The Upper world is the word of spirit teachers, cosmic beings, great wise elders, ancestors who appear usually in human form. Their aid as well as guidance is often perceived to be more general along with philosophical.

The Middle world is both the everyday physical world that we live in, the world of ordinary reality, the tonal, along with also a parallel non-ordinary version of our world.

It is a CD specifically made for shamanic journeying, as well as to do this, the drums have to be as monotonous as possible as well as maintain a consistent beat between 205 to 210 beats per minute. At this specific beat, the brain is stimulated to synthesise natural beta-endorphins which facilitate a person to move within what is known as the 'second attention', an altered state of awareness, or shamanic state of consciousness. This state of awareness facilitates the shamanic journey.

A Shamanic Journey to the Lower world.

To begin, find a place that you feel comfortable as well as will not be disturbed for about 30 minutes. When you are ready, lie down comfortably, as well as darken the room, or at least cover your eyes. It is easier to journey in non-ordinary reality in the dark. Remove tight clothing, take off your shoes along with allow your breathing to move to a gentle rhythm. Relax for a few minutes, focusing on being centred, and also grounded.

When you are ready visualise or imagine, a place which reminds you of the Earth, a place which you know of. This place should be a real place, perhaps somewhere you have visited, or seen in a film or photograph, and it will sometimes be anywhere, a hill, mountain, grasslands, forest, by the ocean. At this place allow yourself to perceive an entrance or opening into the Lower world. This entrance can be a hollow tree, an animal burrow, a cave entrance, a man-made opening e.g.; a trapdoor, it will sometimes any entrance toward the ground or water. You will find that the right entrance will feel comfortable to you, take a minute or so to study it in detail.

Now when you are ready, enter in the direction of the opening. The beginning of the tunnel may appear dark, it will sometimes angle down in a slight incline, or it will sometimes incline steeply. The tunnel can appear to be ribbed, and often it bends, sometimes it can become spiral-like, although it will always lead downwards.

Continue down the tunnel until you come out of doors into a landscape. If you come toward a cavern, you will need to move outside as well as toward the landscape, there will be an exit for example a door or an opening which will enable you to do this, it should be easy to gain sight of it.

Now in the landscape, just look around. It can be daytime, night-time, forest, woodland, or near water. Extend your senses, listen, will sometimes you hear anything, the sound of birdsong, the sound that the wind makes as it blows through the tree tops, perhaps the sound of running, flowing water. Feel the ground underneath your feet, feel the ground pushing up against the soles of your feet. Sense the wind, the breeze, sense the movement of air around you. What does it feel like? Have an awareness of being there.

If you want to explore the landscape, remember where the entrance is, keep track of where you go. Just as in any ordinary-reality journey, it aids if you keep a note of landmarks so you may retrace your steps to return.

  • Track 1. Solo Drumming (with call back) 20 minutes with Leo
  • Track 2. Solo Drumming (with call back) 20 minutes with Howard
  • Track 3. Double Drumming 9with Call back) 40 minutes with Leo & Howard

The CD comes with detailed notes describing the cosmology of the shaman, and instructions for a journey.

Technical information

The drumming was recorded live directly onto digital tape at Sync City recording studio in London. The drumming was played in the 'live-sound' studio and no sound modification process was used.

Both drums were single headed frame drums. For the double drumming track, both drums were held facing each other in a position to optimise the natural reverberation.

The recording engineer was Wan Hewitt, himself a professional drummer. He has been dubbed the 'drummers darling' due to the great live sound he gets.

Howard G. Charing and also Leo Rutherford are accomplished international workshop leader on shamanism. They have worked some of the most respected as well as extraordinary shamans & healers in the Andes, the Amazon Rainforest, and the Philippines. They have authored a number of books on Shamanism. The Drumming for the Shamanic Journey CD is available from Eagle's Wing.

For ordering information Visit their website http://www.shamanism.co.uk

Psychic Shaman : Using Your Own Inner Psychic Gifts


The psychic shaman builds his wisdom on positive information streams. The shaman is a great example on how to use your own inner psychic gifts. Psychic shamans may be female or male. Data packages of psychic ability filter through to the Shaman's consciousness and also with this knowledge comes the power of the eagle to see visions, the intuition and also instinct of the mighty cougar, and also the safety and also protection of the scorpion.

The Shaman uses positive information streams to empower psychic ability. Negative information streams use the same principles though take away you power making you think your destiny is controlled by outside circumstances and the surrounding energy of a hate filled world.

Your own psychic development is built on positive information streams. This will make up your powerbase from where your psychic gifts flourish. Your psychic powerbase consists of pillars of energy. Each one contributes to the enormous power of your insight. We will sometimes use along with apply the wisdom of the Shaman in our own lives. The principles of the psychic shaman work for the urban dweller as well as the sorcecor's apprentice in the Arizona desert.


Let us examine the way of the psychic Shaman as well as the wisdom of the walking the way of the Tao. Both are one as well as the same as well as use whatever tools they can on their journey towards the sacred doorway.


Use a room in your own home for your sanctuary. It is here where you make a sacred space for yourself to honor your own wisdom along with energy. The universal forces will respect you if you respect yourself. This is applying the wisdom of the psychic shaman. Your knowing will become far more expansive gaining an understanding of all things.

Meditation and also prayer will be the gateway to your doors of perception. Your home sanctuary encourages peace, inner growth, as well as you feel comfortable as well as at ease. The energy in your sanctuary will build more and more making you empowered with the wisdom of the ages.


The body temple is used with wisdom by the psychic shaman. It is the house for the spirit as well as a part of the eternal Tao. Pure foods of organic origin fuel the body to perform.

They not only raise the energy level however the vibration and frequency of food influences ones well being along with eventually impacts your perception of visions along with clarity of messages, that is pure information streams, from the great unknown. Keep food pure and also simple. And respect animals.

You begin to use the law of attraction without really trying. You know that there is energy along with universal principles scattered throughout nature. The more in tune you become the more you will sometimes hear nature speak to you. This happens naturally and also progressively by raising your vibration.


Nature working is when you work with and talk to nature. From this mutual respect nature helps you and also lends its powers. This is another secret of the psychic shaman.

Walks in nature clean your negative codes as well as corrupt information streams. The trees will allow you to borrow their energy and the air will send you more chi ions. Respect and offer prayers to nature. In return it will respect you and look after you in more ways than you will sometimes imagine.

Clean information codes replace negative ones. You can overwrite as well as delete any negative information codes in your aura if you know how. Then you will become further empowered like the psychic shaman.

Mother nature will assist you in your journey. Even if your have hated her in the past she still loves you. Like any mother she has not forgotten you no matter the years of turning your back to her. You will sometimes change this today. Be wise like the shaman as well as respect nature.


So the psychic shaman understands negative energy very well. There are many tools one can use to combat the negative as well as transmute it toward the positive. The wise shaman uses the following.

  • Simple along with pure food for the body temple
  • A home sanctuary
  • Nature
  • Meditation and prayer
  • Power crystal methods not mentioned here


The shaman shows us the way toward inner psychic development. It is applied wisdom of the highest order. The powerful shaman combines six methods, in the beginning, to create a wave of shamanic energy immense in power. Their powerbase is solid along with firm going deep in the direction of the psychic belly of the universe. You too will sometimes follow the ways of the psychic shaman and also become like the silent warriors of old.